Embassy informs

On legislative amendments of the Russian State Duma (Parliament) to the law on internationally-funded NGOs registration

The Russian State Duma (Parliament) is pondering legislative amendments that would rename all NGOs that receive funding from abroad into foreign agents with obligatory mentioning of this status in all media reports.

The suggested legislative changes would require that all NGOs registered within Russia but receiving money or property from foreign sources, state and private alike, be considered foreign agents once they get involved in political activities. Organizations participation in the political life would be determined not by their declared goals and activities, but by the actual facts of financing.

The United Russia Partys press-release says that the proposed changes to the law on NGOs do not ban them in any way and do not limit their rights, but are aimed at providing public scrutiny for their functions as a foreign agent and to make this data open knowledge for Russian citizens.

Similar laws exist in the USA, France, Israel and other countries.

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