Press Releases

Dedicated to the 64th Anniversary of the Victory
in the Great Patriotic War against Fascism

From generation to generation our families retain a memory of the tragedies, personal reminiscences and the emotions of participants in the heroic struggle against fascism. The Soviet peoples victory in the Great Patriotic War marks the most important event in the history of Europe, in the life of Russia and the other states former republics of the Soviet Union and our greatest common spiritual heritage. The celebration of this significant date in Russia and abroad serves to establish historical truth and strengthen the international positions and authority of Russia. Russian Federation will continue to firmly counter any attempts to falsify the history of the war, revise its outcomes, make heroes of the Nazis and blasphemously treat the memory of the fallen.

It was the peoples of the Soviet Union that at the price of a colossal exertion of energy, enormous sacrifices and severe ordeals made the indisputable and decisive contribution to the defeat of fascism and to the liberation of Europe. Herein is the source of national pride, patriotism and faith in the inexhaustible vitality of the Russian and the other peoples of our then common Homeland.

The lessons of the Victory have an intransient significance. Russia is a peaceable state. But it must be abundantly clear that any attempts to test our strength will receive a resolute and firm rebuff.

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