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Russian Embassy reply to the "Daily Mirror" article "Russia fishing … what?"

If you wish, you can always find someone ready to paint black anything when paid well. And for those who understand it is quite clear who pays.

In the article "Russia fishing in Sri Lanka's waters" ("Daily Mirror" 10.02.2010) the author tried to prove that by assisting the Government of Sri Lanka to end the 30 years-long conflict with terrorists Russia "had the purpose to serve its own selfish ends". Fine! We can agree that selfish ends of Russia are peace and stability. And even call for all other powers to follow Russian example by putting an end to conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Middle East etc. for their own selfish interests! Why not?

Another point of the article was that Russia is fishing "in the troubled and turbulent waters of Sri Lanka". We would like to know – fishing what? Facilities for Russian advanced radars? Strategic oil and gas deposits (since some say that its own will be empty in 100 years)? Extremely profitable economic projects? Or, maybe, just friendship of the Sri Lankan people? But both countries enjoy friendship for decades already!

And, of cause, if someone believes that political waters of Sri Lanka are more troubled and turbulent after the conflict is over and peace prevails all round the island, then he is not just wearing black glasses – he is blind.

The article shows that not everybody is happy when by its more and more active principled foreign policy Russia is strengthening friendly relations with other countries. It certainly contradicts somebody's selfish interests. But, as people in Sri Lanka used to say, "while dogs keep barking the mountain stands stable".

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