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Sri Lanka regaining paradise after defeating terrorism - President in Moscow

Tuesday, 09 February 2010

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has said that Sri Lanka is becoming a paradise again after the elimination of terrorism. The President made this observation in Moscow.

President Rajapaksa addressing a special meeting at Peoples Friendship University in Moscow recently pointed out those bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Russia are being strengthened once again.

Celebrated Russian writer Anton Chekhov once described Sri Lanka as a paradise; the President said that this paradise is now being regained. He said that the hearts injured due to terrorism have to be healed and re-united. The President invited the entire world including Russia to hold hands with them in this process.

Chancellor of the Peoples Friendship University Prof. Pillipovch said that the arrival of the President, who provided an exemplary leadership to the world by eliminating terrorism, was an honour to his University. The huge majority the President received in the Presidential Election has shown his popularity.

The Chancellor said that he has set an example to the other leaders of the world. The President was described as the King who ushered in peace to the world and was crowned with a gold and diamond crown.

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