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Russian Embassy clarifies

To: Mr. Ranjith Wijewardena

Chairman Wijeya Newspapers Ltd.

Dear Sir,

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka hopes You share our opinion that mass media play extremely important role in the contemporary world, not the least by shaping favorable or unfavorable image of countries and their governments.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation is closely monitoring publications in the local press, especially as far as our country is concerned. And, of course, we couldn't miss the article "Protests against UN: Russia also involved?" published in the "Daily Mirror" on July 21, 2010 regarding the alleged opposition of the USSR to the entry of Ceylon to the UN. Since the position of the USSR was distorted in the article we kindly request to publish the following clarification of the Embassy:

"Russia favoured entry of Ceylon to the UN.

The Russian-Sri Lankan relations have always been of friendly nature and the press of both our countries used to contribute to their mutual understanding by impartially and objectively highlighting significant political and economic developments in Russia and Sri Lanka as well as their foreign policy and cultural life.

Unfortunately, not all even in the contemporary world seem to be happy about that. Some try to cast aspersions on the bilateral friendship by distorting position of Russia or of the USSR. For example, they say that the USSR was against adoption of Ceylon to the UN. Now we present here pure historic facts.

In 1948-49 the USSR three times voted against the entry of Ceylon to the UN because at that time the Western countries (especially the USA and Great Britain) blocked the admittance of the states of the "Soviet camp" (Albania, Mongolia, Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary) to the Organization insisting on priority of Ceylon application despite the fact that the applications of the "pro-Soviet" states had been filed earlier. The Soviet Union could not agree with this and blocked the question.

Later, to reach compromise the Soviet delegation proposed draft resolution of the UN Security Council regarding simultaneous admittance to the UN of all 13 states (including Ceylon), which gives evidence that the USSR didn't have any prejudice concerning Ceylon. Nevertheless representatives of the USA and Great Britain deviated from voting for the above mentioned draft resolution.

Ceylon became a member of the UN in 1955 when the Soviet Union again initiated the Security Council Resolution №109 (1955) with recommendation to the General Assembly to admit to the UN 16 new members including Ceylon, and it was adopted".

Dear Sir,

In the end we would like to ask you to choose your sources of information more carefully. In case you need assistance in keeping Sri Lankan public objectively informed about the Russian Federation, its domestic life and foreign policy, please feel free to get in touch with the Russian Embassy.

Published in the "Daily Mirror" on August 21, 2010.


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