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Sri-Lanka celebrates 50th anniversary of Yu.A. Gagarins flight to the space

A solemn ceremony dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first manned flight to outer space accomplished by the Soviet cosmonaut Yury Gagarin was held on April 5th, 2011 in Colombo at the Bandaranaike Centre of international studies. It was attended by officers of Sri-Lankan Army, Air Force, Navy and police, members of the Astronautic society of Sri-Lanka, activists of Sri-Lanka Russia Friendship Society.

H.E. Mr. Vladimir P.Mikhaylov, the Russian Ambassador to Sri-Lanka, attracted the audiences attention to the importance of the Soviet breakthrough into outer space, its peaceful exploration, high gravity of celebrated date in the history of the whole mankind. The Ambassador briefly told the guests about the contemporary Russian space program and planned activities dedicated to the double anniversary: manned flight of Yury Gagarin and his friendship visit to Ceylon.

Invited guests were got to know about biography of Yury Gagarin, his pre-flight training process, watched documentary film Our Gagarin and photos about the great son of Russia.


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