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Letter of H.E. Mr. Vladimir P. Mikhaylov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Sri Lanka, to Mr. Prabath Sahabandu, Editor-in-Chief of "The Island" Newspaper

Esteemed Mr. Prabath Sahabandu,

Implementing my right to clarify my position and words which have been distorted in an article published in "The Island", I kindly ask you to publish the following text of mine at the same page and place, with the same size of the title as of the article "Russia wants LLRC report implemented" of April 3, 2012:

"Russian Ambassador clarifies.

In the article "Russia wants LLRC report implemented" published in "The Island" on April 3 this year besides quoting some of my words said in a brief conversation, the author Mr.Zacki Jabbar distorted my position. The title of the article "Russia wants LLRC report implemented" is his own version. I never stated that. It equally applies also to the words "the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime should now focus its attention on implementing its very own LLRC recommendations", given without quotation marks but attributed to me.

I never use the word "regime" speaking about legitimate, democratically elected President or Government, considering such definition disrespectful. I also never pointed out what a sovereign state "should" or "should not" do, especially as far as its domestic affairs are concerned. It is up to the President, Government and people of Sri Lanka to decide what particular steps and when should be taken to solve internal problems. This position was expressed clearly in the article "Respect for national sovereignty a pillar of international relations Russia" published in the "Daily News" on March 24, this year.

It is very regretful that some journalists distort positions of official representatives of other states. The Sri Lankan public deserves to be aware of it.

I hope an appropriate apology will follow".


Since no apology and clarification was published in "The Island" by April 9, the Embassy feels free to make this letter public.


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