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Meeting with Buddhist monks of Sri Lanka

On May 15, 2012 a meeting was held in the Russian Cultural Centre in Colombo between 12 members of the highest Sri Lankan Buddhist clergy (Amapura Maha Nikaya and Ramanya Maha Nikaya schools) and H.E.Mr.Vladimir P. Mikhaylov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Sri Lanka, staff of the Russian Embassy and Mr. Andrey M. Nazarkin, Director of the Centre.

The main aim of the visit of the Buddhist priests was to express deep appreciation on behalf of the Sri Lankan monks as well as citizens to the Russian Federation for the friendly brotherly assistance being rendered to the people of Sri Lanka for decades, and especially for the Russian consistent position in support of Sri Lanka fight against terrorism and separatism, maintenance of sovereignty and territorial integrity. The monks highly appreciated the Russian foreign policy line directed to consolidation of peace in the world and development of comprehensive international cooperation with full compliance with the principles of non-interference into domestic affairs of states.

In the course of the meeting the issues of bilateral Russia Sri Lanka cooperation development including in humanitarian sphere (higher education, culture, tourism) as well as perspective of establishment of ties between the Buddhist communities of the two countries were discussed.

Demonstrating sincere gratitude and high honour of Russia, the Buddhist monks in a special ceremony blessed H.E. Mr. Vladimir V. Putin, President of the Russian Federation, as well as the Russian Ambassador and diplomatic mission in Sri Lanka.


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