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On July 6, 2012 the Sri Lanka Russia Business Council hosted a farewell dinner in honour of H.E. Mr. Vladimir P. Mikhaylov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Sri Lanka

The extract from the speech of the Vice President of the Sri Lanka Russia Business Council,Mr. Hiran Karunaratne:

Russia supported Sri Lanka politically at a time of need, when international pressure was high on Sri Lanka in regards to the final stages of her war against terrorism and in the following stages of political development. Though Russia may have done so for reasons of international justice, this support was received with warm gratitude by the government and people of Sri Lanka, in our opinion, to a great degree because of the personal charisma of H.E. Ambassador Mikhaylov. He is a true friend of Sri Lanka.

He has endeavored to enhance political, economic and cultural ties with a personal touch. As the Patron of the Sri Lanka Russia Business Council he guided and supported us staunchly, constantly encouraging us while pointing out areas for improvement. He has traveled widely in Sri Lanka and being a talented photographer has captured many facets of Sri Lanka on camera. These photographs have been exhibited on many occasions strengthening our cultural ties.

H.E. Ambassador Mikhaylov has been interacting with people from different walks of life in Sri Lanka and has warmed many Sri Lankan hearts towards him personally and towards Russia in general. He has always been supported in this by his charming wife Madam Elena Mikhaylova.

We are saddened to part with this lovely couple. We wish them all the very best in their further careers and will remember them warmly for many years to come.


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